Start NOW to make this the most EPIC summer your family has ever had!

Do your kids never listen?

Are you always directing, yelling, threatening, and bribing?

Are you feeling helpless and like things are out of control?

Do you want a more connected family?


The solution to these problems is faster and easier than you probably think, and it’s found in the EPIC Parenting Group Program.

You are just a few short weeks away from creating a NEW life at home!

EPIC Parenting Small-Group Program

You want your children to THRIVE in life.
You can’t teach what you never learned!
Finally a program to bring YOU and YOUR children peace, joy and connection!

Hello! I’m Dr. Tiffanie Noonan, and just like you, I want the best for my family!
Of course we love our children and would do anything for them, right?

Maybe you are like me. I found myself surprised at how overwhelmed and stressed I felt after becoming a mom.

Why didn’t my kids ever listen to me? Why was I going to bed feeling guilty so often?

I’m a pediatrician – literally THE expert who was giving advice on parenting every day, and when I had kids I realized that my advice didn’t work! I gave my first “time out” to my son, saw the look on his face, and knew there had to be a BETTER way!

I’d love to say with that realization everything changed overnight.
I’d be lying if I did.
I spent more than a year reading EVERYTHING about conscious, peaceful parenting. I studied the brain science. I BELIEVED in focusing on connection instead of control.
I desperately wanted to change the way I parented (AND I’d STILL end up yelling by the end of the night – tired, frustrated, and more guilt-ridden than before!)
Information was not transformation!
Understanding WHY I wanted to do things differently wasn’t helping me with the tools I needed to actually create lasting change in my family.

With the help of my own mentors, all of my research, and good old-fashioned “trying it out,” I finally cracked the code!

When I started using the tools that I now use with my clients to UNCOVER underlying patterns, SHIFT beliefs, and REPLACE habits, life in my family transformed in a matter of weeks!

Yes, I said weeks!
I stopped yelling.  My kids started listening.
Conflicts still came up, but we learned how to communicate and connect. It is six years later and I can honestly say my relationship with my two sons feels more amazing every day (and NOT because any of us are PERFECT!)
Let me save you TIME (that you can’t get back), ENERGY (is there ever enough?), and GUESS-WORK!
The EPIC Parenting Group course will provide you with ALL the tools and support you need to transform your life at home in just a matter of weeks.
Sound interesting?
Keep reading …
“My daughter and I have an EPIC relationship… tantrums are nonexistent now and she is feeling more deeply known and loved every single day. BLISS!!!”Chloe H.
“The investment in EPIC Parenting is the best investment I have ever made for my family. I am so grateful and feel like I have been given a whole new life. One full of love, grace, understanding, and honoring myself. “Christy L.
I have learned and changed through taking EPIC Parenting classes. Yelling is no longer a common noise in my house. Thank you!!! I love the new me!Michelle W.

Mother’s Day Special

What’s included:

12 weeks of SMALL GROUP COACHING starting the week of June 3rd designed to create the family and relationships that YOU DESIRE.

Group size limited to maximum of 5.

These three months INCLUDE access to the 10 week online course at no additional cost.

Each week includes:
an  action  plan
educational  audio
supporting  handouts
assignments to  help  foster  implementation

Weekly LIVE  group coaching video conference calls lasting 60-90 minutes will anchor the information and ensure that YOU have the support to create the change that YOU desire! (Calls are recorded in the event you are unable to attend. Group coaching gives you the opportunity to learn from other’s experiences and can lead to even faster transformation in YOUR home.)

Private Facebook Group for 24/7 Community Access


A quick peek at the topics includes:

 Foundation of EPIC Parenting (empowered, peaceful, inspired, connected)
Letting go of patterns handed down for generations – to create what YOU want
Relationship, feelings and needs
Forgiveness in parenting
Speaking powerfully
Integration into your life
Setting limits the EPIC way
What to do with anger?
Playful parenting

Immediate Access! Start learning the secrets to TRUE today?

Your Children Benefit!

Empower them with the skills that will lead to a lifetime of success and happiness!





All with natural cooperation.

You Benefit!

Gain clarity about the life and relationships you desire to create!
END frustration, yelling, and guilt.
Truly ENJOY parenting


  • 12 week group coaching program
  • Lifetime access to online content
  • Audios and tools to create change
  • One 1:1 Live Coaching Call ($250 value!)


  • 3 mo EPIC Parenting Membership – includes:
  • Monthly Webinar Access with recording
  • Monthly Members Q&A Call
  • Private Facebook group for community support

Mother’s Day Bonuses!

  • Bonus 1:1 Live Coaching Call ($250 value!) before course starts to define YOUR desired outcomes
  • 33% off (All Mother’s Day bonuses expire after 5/13)
  • Payment plans available

No Risk! I am so SURE that these tools will help create more peace in EVERY family that if you show up for the video coaching, 1:1 calls, and do the assignments (in other words, do YOUR part) and you don’t find a positive impact in your family, your investment will be refunded 100%

Three monthly payments


Per Month
  • Total investment $525
  • Normally $275/month
  • Includes 3 months continuity membership and two 1:1 private calls
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Six monthly payments


Per Month
  • Total Investment $594
  • Normally $150/month
  • Includes 3 months continuity membership and two 1:1 private calls
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