Action Plan

1) Listen to audio “Foundations of EPIC Parenting”

Handouts to Download:

Journaling will greatly assist you in creating ACTUAL transformation as you go through this course. Rather than just taking in information, processing it and briefly writing down what YOU are noticing and feeling helps to start to shift your subconscious patterns. Take out that journal and write about your observations and experiences with the audio.

2) Create a vision of what you desire to create.

Instructions for making a daily plan:

Clarity is important. What do you desire to create in your life? Until you have a clear picture of what you truly desire, it is impossible to create it. Take the time this week to get very clear…

1) What do you desire in your relationships? In your health? In your spiritual life? In your career?

Be honest. Don’t hold back. DREAM BIG!

2) Once you have written out that vision… break it down. What can happen/what changes can be made to create that dream? Be curious. Be honest. What are the steps to get you there? Overwhelm is common in this phase and a number of unconscious beliefs can creep up… are you willing to trust? Write it out! Create 90 day goals for yourself.

3) Take a look at the actions and goals from #2 that will move you toward the life you really desire and break them down into daily actions you COMMIT to doing now to move you forward.

For example:

– If you desire a closer connection with your spouse, you may commit to sending them a daily appreciation text and to a date night once a week.

– If you desire a more fit body, you may commit to sweating for 20 minutes every day and eliminating sugars.

– If you desire to feel more centered and calm, you may commit to daily meditations and journaling.

WHY is this being discussed at all in a parenting course? As you will learn in the upcoming weeks, the MORE you take care of YOU and are actively creating what you desire in your entire life the EASIER it is to stay present with your children. You as a parent does not exist in a vacuum and YOU get to be whole and complete in your life! A HUGE part of being able to parent peacefully is learning and honoring who you REALLY are…
this is part of the discovery process.

Just below, I have included a daily tracking form for you to use to aid yourself in staying on track with those goals. I encourage you to print it out and USE IT! It is a game changer.

An EPIC Parent Tracking Sheet