Action Plan

1) Listen to audio “Setting Limits Peacefully”

Handouts to Download

Journal answers to questions brought up in the audio and any other insights/observations that you experience.

2) Set your family values

What values are YOU committed to as a FAMILY?

Without a core set of family values, what you set limits around is likely to be influenced by extended family, friends, and your community around you.  This is not what we aspire to with EPIC parenting.  The goal is to be very deliberate and conscious of the reasons why we are setting limits and how we are being with our children.  From this place we can teach our children.

Schedule a time this week to sit down as a family and really choose CORE values for your family.  These are values that everyone is committed to living by.  Every family is different and this step is critical for really defining what your family stands for.

Once you have a clear set of values, setting limits around them becomes easier because you can explain and teach your children the reasons for why you may be saying “no” to something.  You are teaching them how to honor themselves and their values as they make decisions in their life!

You may also find that many things that you once said “no” to or set a limit around aren’t really based on your values… and you get to stop setting random rules.  It is actually liberating (trust me!).  When you say “no” and then can’t explain why based on a family value, that is a BIG clue that you are expressing a limit subconsciously based on 1) how you were parented 2) fear of what others may think or 3) habit. These are opportunities to learn more about yourself and find more peace, love, and acceptance for YOU.

3) Practice the EPIC Process

This tool will begin to become second nature; however, in the beginning it likely will not feel that way. Practice going through the steps at any time when you are feeling conflict (or any emotion in response to another person that is leading to conflict).

4) Listen to the “Quantum Affirmations Meditation”

This meditation is 20 minutes and is intended to be listened to with headphones on if at all possible.

Listen to the meditation at least 3 times this week – daily would be best.
Journal about what comes up for you during the meditation.


Quantum Affirmations Meditation

5) Continue with your Weekly Accountability tracking sheet