(After nearly a decade in practice as a general pediatrician and four decades on this planet, I felt the need to share a thought… And Dads, you are not forgotten. I know your love is as strong and your stories are as valid. I hear you too…)

A Love Letter To Moms

To every mom who has ever sat across from me in the office, spoken to me on the phone in the middle of the night when you were worried about your baby, walked by me in a store, not noticed me while you were trying to quiet your child in a restaurant… To EVERY mom: I see you, I hear you, I am you and I love you.

I’ve been the mom at peace contently cuddling her newborn. I’ve been the mom crying just as loudly as that same newborn minutes later repeating “I don’t know what you want from me”. I’ve repeatedly told friends and patients to relax and let the small stuff go; all the while judging myself for not being able to actually get the laundry put away. I see you doing the same thing too…

To the mom crying on her way to work after a rushed drop off at daycare: I see you, I hear you…

To the stay at home mom feeling bad because you sometimes think “isn’t there more to life than this?”: I see you and hear you too…

To the mom talking to your child about following the school rules, while secretly admiring their conviction to take a stand. To the mom saying “no” for the 10,000th time and then realizing you don’t even know why. To the mom who missed her kids all day and then finds herself in chaos and yelling at home (not what you envisioned!). I see you all, I hear you, I am you…

To every mom who fantasizes about a weekend in a hotel room alone without hearing “mommy”; know if you ever get the chance you will call home before you even check in just to hear those voices say “mommy”. It is true, I promise you.

So when you are overwhelmed, don’t judge yourself – LOVE yourself instead.
When you are happy, laugh without worrying it is going to end…
When you are sad, cry without shame…

Don’t try to judge the moments that aren’t perfect because really, what does perfect mean?

Believe this truth: YOU are perfect and good enough just the way you are (even in the midst of a mommy meltdown).

There is no script for parenting, it is LIFE — sometimes messy — and it unites us all. We are one. We are human. We are women.

Love yourself as unconditionally as you love your children and your life will never be the same.

It is a journey. I just wanted you to know:

I see you, I hear you, and I love you.

– Tiffanie

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