Action Plan

1) Listen to audio “Summary and Review”

Journal answers to questions brought up in the audio and any other insights/observations that you experience.

2) Celebrate how far you have come!

If you have followed through with this program and made it to this point, I encourage you to celebrate and honor yourself for taking steps to create the life and relationships of your dreams.

Often, we forget to honor ourselves and realize how much progress we have made.

Take the post-course assessment and take notice of how much change you have created in 10 short weeks. This is just the beginning! Learning to recognize your triggers, learning to honor yourself, and learning to continually expand in your power is a lifelong journey 🙂

Post-course Assessment

3) Continue the “40 Days to Miracles” Meditations

It is time to use your meditations to focus on what you are desiring to create.  The following meditations are designed to create space to allow you to focus on that and aid it the creation.

40 Days to Miracles Meditations

4) Continue with your Weekly Accountability tracking sheet

This is a lifelong practice. Review your goals at least every 90 days and create those daily action steps to move you in that direction. Then – do them! Keep track to keep you ON TRACK 🙂

5) Live the EPIC Process

You have had the time to create new habits and it is human nature to at times fall back on old ones. Keeping these tools in the forefront of your mind will help you create relationship with your children (and beyond) that continue to expand in peace and connection.

6) Desiring additional support?

Always, if you are desiring additional support reach out to Your family matters.