Action Plan

1) Listen to audio “Creating Relationship with Your Child”

Handouts to Download:

Journal answers to questions brought up in the audio and any other insights/observations that you experience.

2) Practice the EPIC Process

This tool will begin to become second nature; however, in the beginning it likely will not feel that way. Practice going through the steps at any time when you are feeling conflict (or any emotion in response to another person that is leading to conflict).

3) Listen to the “Quantum Mindshift Meditation”

This meditation is 20 minutes and is intended to be listened to with headphones on if at all possible.

Listen to the meditation at least 3 times this week – daily would be best. Listen without judgment (or judge it as being silly! it is OK). Trust that subconscious beliefs are being brought to the surface and you WILL start to notice realizations in your life of areas where you are limiting yourself or responding to your children and your environment based on old stories. This awareness is the groundwork that allows you to consciously choose differently.

Journal about what comes up for you during the meditation.


Quantum Mindshift Meditation

4) Continue with your Weekly Accountability tracking sheet

5) You are not alone!

Desiring additional support? Reach out to Let’s connect and allow me to assist you on this journey.