Action Plan

1) Listen to audio “Playful Parenting”

Handouts to Download

Journal answers to questions brought up in the audio and any other insights/observations that you experience.

2) Create your own “fun to have with kids” list

Often, as an adult with responsibilities, we can get caught up with the “to do” list and forget about fun. You can have both! A life that allows you to handle the “grown up stuff” while also being fun.

Once again, I encourage you to be curious… ask yourself often:

What can I do to experience more FUN in my life?
What can I do to experience more FUN in what I am doing right now?
What can I do to experience more FUN with my children?

EVERYONE benefits by being willing to explore these questions and implement FUN into your daily life.

3) Continue the “40 Days to Miracles” Meditations

It is time to use your meditations to focus on what you are desiring to create.  The following meditations are designed to create space to allow you to focus on that and aid it the creation.

There is one meditation for every day for 40 days.  If you miss a day, start where you left off AND enjoy!

40 Days to Miracles Meditations

4) Continue with your Weekly Accountability tracking

5) Practice the EPIC Process

This is a key tool for connecting with your children (and everyone else in your life!).

The MORE you use it the more natural it will feel.