Dr. Tiffanie is happy to present an interactive workshop or seminar for your mom’s group, clients, or employees.

Reach out with your ideas and we will work with you to create an experience that meets your goals, is fun, and provides the tools for real transformation. You can contact Dr. Tiffanie at drtiffanie@epicparenting.org.

Some examples of workshop topics include:

Parenting Advice Your Pediatrician Doesn’t Have Time To Give You Series:

“Teaching your child the core tools for empathy”

“Understanding Brain Development, Your relationship With Your Child Matters for their Future!”

“Setting Limits That Peacefully Stick”

“The essence of connection and PLAYFUL parenting”

Executive Mom Series

“Empowered conversations – how to improve ALL relationships at work and home”

“Growing you relationship with your child”

“Setting Limits that Peacefully Stick”

“How to deal with anger”

“Playful Parenting – You don’t have enough time NOT to do it!”